Department OF Transportation

medical Examinations

DOT physical exams performed in your home or place of work!

Available in San Antonio

$99 Mobile Visit

Drug screens are NOT performed.

Please read before scheduling a visit.

1. If your employer did not provide you with a medical examination report form, please download and complete the Medical Examination Report Form: (CLICK HERE).

2. The Medical Examination Report form must be completed prior to scheduling an appointment.


3. Have any waivers/ exemptions / Skill performance evaluation certificate available at time of visit. You will not pass if you are missing any of these forms. Pass or Fail, visits are nonrefundable.


4. Ensure you are wearing shorts and a loose t-shirt.

5. If you wear glasses, you MUST wear them during the exam.

6. If you wear hearing aids, you MUST wear them during the exam.

7. Be able to provide a urine sample. A drug screen will NOT be performed.

8. Have your CDL license available.

9. Disqualifying Conditions are hearing loss, vision loss, epilepsy, and insulin use. Drivers who require a diabetes or vision exemption to safely drive a CMV in addition to those pre-printed on the certification form are disqualified until they receive such an exemption. Please do not schedule an appointment if you have any of these conditions. 

EnRoute Health, LLC does not provide direct healthcare services or give healthcare advise. EnRoute Health, LLC connects you with local licensed healthcare practitioners living within your community to address your non-emergent urgent care needs. Please review EnRoute Health's LLC Legal Stuff prior to scheduling a visit or becoming a memberAll medical services are provided by Coastal Mobile Medical Group, PLLC dba EnRoute Health.