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Not having health insurance as a college student forced me to utilize free medical clinics for when I got sick. I was never a traditional student, I didn't have the family funds, scholarships, or finacial aid to help pay my way through college. In fact, there were times when I homeless, slept in my car, and showered at the school gym, just to save money to pay for my tuitition. It was a sacrifice I felt was necessary for me to complete college. I will always be thankful for the wonderful nurses and physicians who gave their time to help people like myself stay on course in completing their dreams. Going through this experience helped me appreciate the importance of staying healthy and how much of an impact it has on your when you are not. When you are sick, it is hard to work, study or attend classes, or care for your family. This is why I started Salud San Antonio. It will be small at first but as we grow so will our volunteers. My goal is to help as many people as possible by bringing convenient and free access to medical services. We will utilize our telehealth platform and give medical advise, refill prescriptions, and treat minor conditions at no cost to our patients. 

-Cesar Iglesias, PA-C

President, Founder

How It Works

1. Must be a San Antonio resident.

2. Must provide a Discount Code provided to you by one of our participating partners.

3. Must be 18 years of age and older.

4. Submit type of visit. Choose Prescription Refill or Urgent Care. 

5. Salud Clinica is only available during the noted date and time.

6. Our visits are first come first serve. If you did not receive a patient number by text by 10:00 am, unfortunately, we are fully booked for the day.

7. If you do not connect within 5 minutes from the time you receive your link, your consult will be cancelled.

8. Please limit your visit to 1 complaint. Multiple complaints will not be addressed due to time constraints. 

Please Read

1. We do not refill or prescribe medications for pain, anxiety, depression, psychiatric conditions, hormone replacement, erectile dysfunction, controlled substances, or any medication that the patient is not currently prescribed. Any medication request with missing primary medical provider information will not be prescribed. 

2. Visit does not cover cost of medications. You are responsible for the cost of your medications. 


3. Telemedicine does not have the resources to diagnose emergencies. We will not attempt to treat or manage chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitations, dizziness, visual changes, slurred speech, altered mental status, weakness, numbness, abdominal pain, severe vomiting or headaches, pregnancy related conditions, or any other condition the provider does not feel comfortable addressing by telemedicine. 

4. Our providers are are volunteering their time to help as many people as possible. Please be patient and understanding if we are not able to see you today. To help us reach more patients, limit your complaints to 1 per session, have all your information available at the time of your visit, and if you have health insurance, please allow someone who does not to utilize our program.


5. If you need to cancel, please text 866-634-5377 "I need to cancel" and provide your patient number.

6. During our Free Telemedicine Visit hours our customer service will not be available. 

Select Visit Type

EnRoute Health, LLC does not provide direct healthcare services or give healthcare advise. EnRoute Health, LLC connects you with local licensed healthcare practitioners living within your community to address your non-emergent urgent care needs. Please review EnRoute Health's LLC Legal Stuff prior to scheduling a visit or becoming a memberAll medical services are provided by Coastal Mobile Medical Group, PLLC dba EnRoute Health.

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