What services does EnRoute Health, LLC provide?

EnRoute Health, LLC connects patients (members) seeking urgent care services with local licensed healthcare practitioners. EnRoute Health, LLC does not offer direct healthcare services and is not a form of health insurance.

Is membership with EnRoute Health, LLC health insurance?

No. Membership with EnRoute Health, LLC is not health insurance. Your membership with EnRoute Health, LLC is for platform access to communicate with local urgent care practitioners. Non-members pay a platform fee with each consult and members do not have to pay this fee. Your health insurance will not reimburse your membership fee.


Can I replace my health insurance with a membership?

No. It is not recommended. If you do not have health insurance, our membership rates provide you with discounted urgent care services provided by EnRoute Health practitioners only.  If you have health insurance, your health insurance will not cover your membership or any fees associated with your consult through EnRoute Health, LLC. 


Who is eligible to become a member?

To become a member, you must be 18 years of age and older. Individuals under the age of 18 can become members only if they are part of a group membership AND a legal guardian is also a member. Patients under the age of 12 do not qualify for TeleVisits, and patients under the age of 2 (24 months) do not qualify for MobileVisits. 


Why can I not have my child who is under the age of 12 evaluated by TeleVisit?

TeleVisits are limited and rely heavily on history. Vital signs and weight are not obtained. Medications prescribed for children younger than 12 years of age are often dosed based on the weight of the child. In order to avoid over or under dosing, EnRoute Health, LLC does not provide TeleVisit consults to anyone under the age of 12. ​


How do I become a member?

Visit our Membership page.  Select your membership plan and submit payment through PayPal.  Once EnRoute Health, LLC verifies your enrollment, you will be able to schedule consults at the membership rates.


What are the membership monthly dues?

Click here for pricing information.

How do I cancel my membership?

A 30 day notice is required to end your membership with EnRoute Health, LLC. Please submit your written notice to customerservice@enroutehealth.com 30 days prior to your automatic renewal date. Your membership will be cancelled after 30 days. 


Can I use my Health Savings Account to pay for membership and consults?

Yes. You may use your HSA to pay for membership and consults. You use your HSA the same way you would use your credit card. If you experience any problems, please contact customerservice@enroutehealth.com to let us know if payment is not accepted.

What are the cost of services for members?

$0 per TeleVisit consult per person.

$75 per MobileVisit consult per person.

​What are the cost of services for non-members?

$20 per TeleVisit Consult per person + $20 platform fee +processing fee/taxes.

$75 for MobileVisit per person + $40 platform fee +processing fee/taxes..

What is the platform fee?

This fee is used to cover all non-medical services such as scheduling consults, connecting patients with practitioners, providing the telemedicine platform, storing and managing electronic medical records, providing patients copies of their records, processing transactions, and customer service. Members do not pay platform fees.

What if I want to schedule a consult for more than 1 person?

Indicate how many patients are requesting a consult when you are completing the new consult form. You will receive an invoice by email or through your PayPal account after your have submitted the form. All patients requesting a consult must be at the same location, at the same time, on the same day to receive any multiple patient discounts.


How much does it cost for multiple patients to be seen at one time?

Each additional member will be charged $40 for each additional MobileVisit consult plus $20 platform fee + processing fee/taxes, and $15 for each additional TeleVisit consult plus $15 platform fee + processing fee/taxes. Members do not pay any platform, processing fees or taxes.


What is the Clinic Fee?

The clinic fee is a one time fee charged per patient per consult when labs, or medications, are recommended by the practitioner. Instead of paying for each lab or medication, the Member is charged $20 ($40 Non-Member) and all in-house labs and medications are included. You have the right to refuse any labs or medications. However, the practitioner determines if labs or medications are necessary, not the patient.


What labs can be performed during my MobileVisit consult?

Labs are at the discretion of the practitioner. It is the patient or legal guardian's right to refuse any lab.

When available

Rapid Strep Test

Influenza A/B 


Glucose Finger Stick

Rapid Mono

Urine Pregnancy

Urine Analysis Dipstick


What if I need outside labs?

If the practitioner determines additional labs are necessary, they will provide you with a hand written prescription for the labs. The patient will be responsible for obtaining the labs and all cost associated with these labs. EnRoute Health, LLC practitioners do not collect or process outside labs. All lab results will be faxed to your practitioner’s clinic and you will be contacted by your practitioner concerning the results.

What in-house medications are available?

Medication are at the discretion of the practitioner. It is the patient's or legal guardian's right to refuse any medication.

When available. 

Dexamethasone PO/IM

Ondansetron PO/IM

Diphenhydramine Injection

Ketorolac Injection

Antibiotic Injection (Ceftriaxone)​

Do I have to accept the labs or medications the practitioner recommends?

No. The patient, or the patient's legal guardian, has the right to refuse any lab or medication recommended by the practitioner. 


​I got outside labs done but I have not been contacted about my results?

Please contact customerservice@enroutehealth.com and let us know when your labs were collected and which lab station collected your samples. We will contact them to obtain these results.


What if I want a shot of antibiotics or pain medication and the practitioner refuses? Can I request a refund?

No. All labs and medication administration are at the discretion of the practitioner. If the patient is requesting specific labs or medications and the practitioner determines it to be medically unnecessary, the patient will not receive the medication or get the lab performed. EnRoute Health, LLC will not instruct the practitioner to administer any medications or obtain any labs to satisfy the patient's visit experience.

Can I get my pain medication or behavorial health medications refilled?

EnRoute Health clinicians will not issue prescriptions for substance controlled by the DEA, non-therapeutic, and/or certain other drugs which may be harmful because of their potential for abuse through telemedicine. Such medications are felt to have high abuse potential, and for the safety of the patient, should only be prescribed by a clinician who will be able to physically follow the patient closely to ensure there is no abuse of the medication. 


Who are the practitioners?

EnRoute Health, LLC contracts with physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. Each practitioner is licensed in the state of Texas to practice medicine. If you are seen by a PA or NP, they work under the license of a physician and have access to their supervising physician at all times.


I scheduled a visit through the website and have not received any confirmation?

Please allow 15 minutes to receive your invoice. Once payment is confirmed, your contact information will be forwarded to your practitioner. If you have not heard from them within 15 minutes, please call or text 866-634-5377.


I paid for a MobileVisit and the practitioner cancelled on me?

Hopefully this will never be the case. However, if it does occur, the practitioner will communicate with you to re-schedule or switch your consult to a TeleVisit. You will be refunded all monies if you are not evaluated. We strive to ensure all patients are seen within 24hrs. However, there will be times when another patient’s health is emergent and the practitioner’s schedule becomes delayed. We will work hard to connect your with another practitioner, switch your consult to a TeleVisit, reschedule, or refund your consult.

How do I get copies of my consults?

Please email customerservice@enroutehealth.com to request copies of your medical records. Please include the email associated with the primary account and first and last name of the patients.