Updated April 1, 2019

EnRoute Health and its associates value the rights and responsibilities of all of its patients. Each patient treated at this facility will be made aware of these rights and responsibilities prior to receiving care.



The right to considerate respectful care given by competent personnel at the highest professional standard of care. Equal access and treatment at all times regardless of age, race, color, creed, national origin, impairment, personal values and beliefs.


The right to emergency screening and stabilization in the event of serious injury or illness.


The right to receive care in a safe setting with access to protective and advocacy services as indicated. You have the right to receive care in a setting free from abuse, harassment neglect, avoidable harm and unnecessary restraints or seclusion.


The right to personal privacy, security and confidentiality of information.


The right to communicate with the physician provider about medical condition and planned course of treatment.


The right to receive easily understood information about their own health status and to participate in making informed decisions regarding care, including the right to refuse treatment; and the right to appropriate assessment of and management of pain, receive information regarding fees or services and payment policies.


The right to have their own physician, family member or guardian notified of their treatment or transfer to another facility.


The right to access information in their own clinical record including reviewing or copying records and the right to request amendments to the record.


The right to file complaints or appeals and the right to fair, timely and objective reviews of any complaint against the facility or employees.



Provide complete and accurate information concerning present illness, medical history, hospitalizations, medications, perceived risk, and insurance coverage.


Alert EnRoute Health if you have concerns, do not understand your treatment plan, or feel your rights have not been respected.


Follow the recommended treatment plan; take responsibility for their actions if the treatment or services are refused.


Fulfill financial obligations promptly. Be respectful of the rights and property of other patients and EnRoute Health personnel.


Follow the rules, regulations and precautions of EnRoute Health.


Contact Administration for any questions or concerns regarding your patient rights and responsibilities.