Urgent Care Service

Visit Type

Medication Refill

Erectile Dysfunction



Additional VIDEO VISIT

Additional HOME VISIT

DOT / Employment Physical

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The Other Guys

$40 - $75

$40 - $75






*Plus Tax and Processing Fee

Home Visits are available in San Antonio and Corpus Christi, Texas and by appointment only

Additional Services

(Home Visit + $44 Clinic Fee = Total $119)




Simple Lacerations

Complex Lacerations*

Incision & Drainage

ToeNail Removal

Ear Lavage

Suture Removal

Step Test 

Influenza A/B Test

Glucose FS

Urine Analysis

Urine Pregnancy

Dexamethasone Injection/PO

Toradol Injection

Rocephine Injection

Benadryl Injection/PO

Tetracaine Ophthalmic

Zofran Injection/PO

Nebulizer Treatments

*Complex lacerations $25 per Kit needed to close wound.

*When Available. Some labs or medications may not be available due to our medical suppliers. The practitioner will determine which labs or medications are recommended. The patient or guardian of the patient has the right to refuse any lab or medication recommendation.

Dispatch Fee

A dispatch fee of $50 will be added to MobileVisits outside of our Service regions. Please contact us for more information. 

Xrays / Imaging

Radiographic Images are not performed during visits. If radiographic images are recommended by your practitioner on a nonemergent basis, the patient will be responsible for paying and obtaining these images. If you feel your condition requires emergent imaging, it is recommended to be evaluated at an emergency department. Please contact us prior to scheduling an appointment if you feel your condition will require an xray.

EnRoute Health, LLC does not provide direct healthcare services or give healthcare advise. EnRoute Health, LLC connects you with local licensed healthcare practitioners living within your community to address your non-emergent urgent care needs.  Please review EnRoute Health's LLC Legal Stuff prior to scheduling a visit or becoming a memberAll medical services are provided by Coastal Mobile Medical Group, PLLC dba EnRoute Health.